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AIM Express

AIM Express lets you send instant messages directly from a Web browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, to anyone who has registered for AIM or who uses the NINA service.

AIM Express respects your privacy and, best of all, its FREE. To use AIM Express, you must be a registered AIM user.

Sorry, you must either be using an old browser that doesn't support Java, or you have Java support turned off. You must be running at least Netscape 4.7.2 or Internet Explorer 4.5. If you are running new versions of Netscape or IE, and the AIM Express still doesn't show up, making sure you have Java turned on, quit and restart your browser and reload this page.

If you would still like to use the older AIM Quick Buddy, even though it has fewer features than AIM Express, or your system does not meet the requirements to run AIM Express, you may do so by clicking here.

AIM Express Requirements

To run AIM Express, be sure that your computer is running one of the following web browsers and has Java enabled.

On a PC:
Windows 95/98/NT/2000ME

Internet Explorer 4.5 or later with newest Microsoft Virtual Machine
Netscape Communicator/Navigator 4.72 or later

On a Macintosh
MacOS 8.5+

Internet Explorer 4.5 or later with Macintosh Runtime for Java 2.2.2 or later

Other Operating Systems:

AIM Express is designed to run on other operating systems that support JDK 1.1

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